“Our mission is to maintain consistent business growth with an innovative, transparent and sustainable ecosystem”

Founded with a vision to provide the best IT Staff Augmentation service and solution provider, Amiga Informatics is achieving new milestones every day to become the most trusted brand in the industry. We emphasize on the development of our employees to create future leaders who understand the needs of our clients and offer them a hassle-free business.

We are devoted to provide a world class computing and marketing experience across the globe through our integral innovative solutions. By choosing Amiga you automatically enable consistent growth and increased capabilities for your business.


“Our vision to become the largest and most effective IT solution provider while creating future leaders using world-class technologies and dynamic workforce.”

Collaboration, passion and innovation are our core development areas. We believe in creating and maintaining an honest and efficient ecosystem by retaining our value through our quality service. We wish to achieve a profitable and proactive business cycle using a practical IT transformation process. Our customers swear by our services that provides an enormous and constant growth for their ongoing businesses. Our talented and hardworking working team is ready for any challenge. We consider ourselves the only competition we have. We are constantly striving to be the change the industry desperately needs.


We work with the vision to create a better tomorrow.


Like any good business, values are the fundamental belief of our organization. We believe in investing in the best of talents and nurture them to create a disciplined and committed work environment, so that we can serve our business partners and team with respect and honesty.

Our Core values confine


  • Best quality service value to maintain the long-lasting customer relationships
  • Support and reliability
  • Efficiency and time adherence


  • Swift and result driven workforce
  • Decisive and risk takers
  • Striving for perfection


  • Value for innovation
  • Respect for new ideas
  • Innovative approach


  • Enabling economic growth through support and development services.
  • Respect for individuals and maintaining the honour code
  • Ethical work practices

These values allow us to provide reliable quality service to maintain the long-lasting customer relationships. Our transparent approach towards achieving high-level customer satisfaction with the greatest accountability makes us what we are today.