Amiga informatics is the leading IT Staff Augmentation solution company. The world knows about our seven years long illustrious professional journey. Our core value encapsulates client satisfaction and smooth recruitment process. We offer solutions for Web development, software development, application development, CRM development, Mobile web development (Android, IOS), Web design and graphic design.

Although Web programming is constantly evolving, our Top IT Consultants and programmers ensure the quality of service and result in the successful execution of projects. We follow Agile methodology to have an outstanding development approach.


With a complete paradigm shift in the Internet industry and phenomenal increase in smartphone user, responsive web designing becomes an essential part of web-development. A responsive website design result in increased traffic, higher search engine ranking and increased user base. Amiga offers customized solutions to increase the responsiveness of your new website or even rebranding and redesigning of your existing website.


Every good business needs a mobile application, we fulfil all your needs for mobile and web application with fast paced technologies like WordPress, Joomla, Android and IOS development.


Your customers are the reason your business exists. You need a very effective CRM (customer relationship management) to understand your customers better and reach your goals faster. A good CRM strategy can take your business to a different horizon. Once you map out your goals and objectives it is very easy to achieve a sustainable profit margin.

We offer the best CRM development solution for your business to centralize your customer records which is available to all the departments, this enables a steady growth in customer acquisition and fulfilment taking your business to new heights.


Does it really make sense to build a custom CRM when there are many ready-made options? Yes, it does if you view CRM software as a Relationship Management (RM) system that covers more than sales automation.

Amiga provides customize software development to cater to your business in a more effective manner. We have over 9 years of Custom CRM consulting experience to provide our client with a well-rounded solution for all their business needs like :

  • a global customer experience management (CXM) system for a corporate group,
  • complex performance assessment software for advanced membership management,
  • a relationship management platform for the HR department, and much more

Be it a B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer) an E-Commerce multiplies your costumer acquisition and profitability many folds. We assist you in meeting all your E-Commerce needs such as Payment gateway, website development, content optimization and even maintenance and customer support.


A good brand is nothing without a good branding. In today’s digital age marketing has shifted from offline to online completely. A good digital presence determines the future of your brand. Being the best IT provider we assure your brand gets the required visibility. Our services include social media management, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing and influencer management.