Amiga Informatics founded in 2011, a global IT Solution, IT Staffing and Support company with enormous workforce serving clients across the globe. Its been a successful five years of growth with the regular increase of companions in our tail of success. The serving potential lead the formation and successful existence of Amiga with outstanding expertise. Have been explored from India and expand to the countries USA and Hong Kong.
Initiated with a small team and now grown up with an experienced and outstanding team of professionals. Bestowed with energetic professionals with a combination of industry-wide experience and deep technology expertise. We harness latest technologies for delivering business capability to our clients. This helps Amiga’s to leverage best business to their customers. We conspire to stay in pace with the fast evolving software development capabilities to offer custom-build client specific requirements. We maintain the high business standards with professional maintainability services.
Amiga prioritizes quality assurance and client satisfaction to retain the brand trust. Served industries like Hospitality, Manufacturing, chemical, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Real estate, Education, logistic, shipping and many more.